Ayurveda… The Perfect solution for our Wellness!

In life there are two sides to everything, even to our health. So far, we look at health as absence of disease and keep treating symptoms. Pills and surgeries do not solve all the problems. Millions of people still have allergies and thousands of kids are getting asthma. From young to old, everybody is under stress. Obesity, Diabetes is on the rise and heart disease is still a number one killer.

Ayurveda, a 5000-year-old “wisdom of Healthy Living”, offers other side of our health. Ayurvedically, Health is the balance of Body-Mind-Spirit, not just absence of disease.

In Nature, nothing is alike. Look at the trees, the flowers, the colors, the birds and the bees. There is variety in everything. Human beings are not an exception to this rule either. Each individual is unique. We have unique looks and personalities, likes and dislikes. We react differently to similar diets, weather patterns or situations in life. Some people can lose weight easily, while for others, it is a challenge. Few are born worriers, while others are calm and content. If this is a fact, then why do we measure our health by the “standard” ruler? Why is there a standard treatment and standard diet? Why is there a “standard code” for everything? If we forget the “standard” and start recognizing and respecting the difference, we will find answers to many of our health problems. (Modern medicine has recently started realizing this fact). Read More